1. Have someone give a talk about the importance of our relationship with our parents and how although they may be challenging, they are essential to our growth and happiness.
  2. Ask the youth to write down something they wished their parents knew and something they loved about their parents.
    1. We had them write these words on whiteboards and recorded them with a camera.
  3. Have a discussion in small groups about what you wrote down.
  4. Encourage the youth to have a conversation with their parents about what they wrote.
    1. I don’t think many kids actually talked to their parents, but I think having a follow up night with parents and children showing the video and then having a discussion would be really meaningful.
    2. Perhaps you could coordinate ahead of time to have parents come early to pick up their kids and end the night with this type of session
    3. You could also have them record individual video messages or write letters that you deliver to the parents to ensure they get the messages.


Submitted by Tamami Okano and the Worcester Youth Ministry