Fundraiser: 100 Envelopes: Inspire people to give a certain dollar amount at church


  1. One day at church prepare a table with 100 envelopes laid out.
  2. Each envelope should be numbered with its corresponding dollar amount, so $1, $2, $3… $100. Etc.
  3. Feature some inspiring testimonies, videos, and photo’s about Youth Group at church and then ask for donations from members.
  4. People can approach the table and pick up whatever amount they want to donate and fill it amount.
  5. The great thing about this is that you are encouraging people to give small and give big. People might see that $95 envelope and get inspired to fill it when they normally wouldn’t.
  6. If you are fundraising for a special trip, you can fill each envelope with a bio of a student and ask the family who donated to pray for that person on their trip.
  7. You could also fill each envelope with a personalized thank you message from one of your youth.
Let's Do ItManish Saluja