Fundraiser: Mini M&M’s & Quarters: Quarters add up! Simple way to raise money!


  1. Buy a large amount of mini M&M’s tubes (one for each kid at youth group). If you don’t have a bulk store nearby, you can find great prices on amazon.
  2. Give each kid a tube of M&M’s and tell them to eat the candy, but fill the tube with quarters. They can ask friends, family, or whoever they feel comfortable. The great thing about this fundraiser is you are only asking for a quarter from someone. Most people will be willing to part with a quarter.
  3. The mini tubes hold $20 worth of quarters and cost about $1.37 each. That’s a profit of $18.63 for each kid at youth group.
  4. You can get creative with labeling them or numbering the tubes to keep track of who returns their tubes.
Let's Do ItManish Saluja