1. There are two ways you can do this activity:
    1. Make a general piece of artwork: If you choose this method, you can give everyone the same size paper.
      • If you the like the idea in the picture above, you just need to prep the circle shapes on each paper
    2. Make a themed piece of artwork: You could spell out a word and cut the word into different pieces. That way when the pieces come together they spell the word.
  2. Hand out one piece of paper to each youth
  3. Have them design/decorate the paper in a way that uniquely represents them
  4. When everyone is finished, have each person add their piece of paper to the design one by one
  5. Close with a debrief on the idea that our contribution to the world is unique, and the beauty of it is when each of us steps up to make that contribution we can make something amazing together.

Supplies: Art supplies, Paper, Scissors, tape (Glue dots work best for fast and effective adhesive)