1. Start the program off with a fun ice breaker to bring the group together.
  2. Share with the group that today, they will each be contributing to each other’s experience. THEY will be planning tonight’s program.
  3. First share what the message of the night is, so that they have a focus.
  4. Split the group into 3 teams- ice breaker, discussion, activity. Each team has 15 minutes to plan their portion of the night.
    1. Note- be sure you jump between teams to support them where needed! (This includes giving them access to supplies, music, etc)
  5. Sit back (but participate!) and let them take ownership of the evening!
  6. Optional: End with a group sharing or pep talk about how everyone has something amazing to contribute to each other’s experiences.

Contributed by Sasha Drost & the Maryland Youth Ministry.