1. First, you need to decide what you want for your community: an event every month?  Every week?  Is there an age range that you want to lead the rest of your community?
  2. In Youth Led Youth Ministry, there are three basic components that we have used: food, talks, and activities.  Each can be tailored towards community/leader needs.
  3. The first month/event that is done will be led almost solely by the youth pastor(s).  This sets the model that you want to use. (Lead by example.)  Once the kids see what you want/how it’s done, let them take the reigns for the next time.  
  4. After the idea takes off and kids start to get excited, the youth pastor just gives information (theme), supplies for events, support and encouragement.
  5. What makes this so powerful is that it raises up leaders in a youth group.  Everything that is done in this can be altered for your specific community.

Contributed by Matt Quantz and the Arkansas Youth Ministry