Divine Principle of Creation Section-1 Quiz

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1. How are you personally able to understand God through his creation?




2. List 5 pairs dual characteristics you observe in the world around you







3. What is the relationship between Yin & Yang?




6. Define Internal Nature and External Form:




7. What is significant about the Original Internal Nature and Original External Form?




8. Please write Subject or Object next to its correct definition:

  • Initiating and Creating Energy
  • Responsive and Stimulating Energy


9. Circle the Subject partner in the following pairs:

Yang/ Yin

External Form/ Internal Nature

Body/ Mind


10. If the two parties involved are a parent and child:


Create a scenario where the parent is the subject partner:



Create a scenario where the child is the subject partner:



11. Are human beings an individual embodiment of truth in image or in symbol? Explain




12. Why did God create the universe?

section-oneManish Saluja