Divine Principle of Creation Section-2 Quiz

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1. To the best of your knowledge, what is Universal Prime Energy and where can you find it?




2. What is a common base between:

You & Your Parents:


You & A Friend:


You & Your Sunday School Teacher:


3. From your everyday life, give an example of:


Positive give and take:


Negative give and take:


4. How can your conscience help you to overcome the impact of negative give and take?



5. The Origin and Division are given to you. Please fill in the Union.


God- Mind + Body=


God- Man + Woman =


God- Mankind + Creation=


6. If the Origin is God and the Union is a Meaningful Workshop Experience, what is the Division?



7. Using one of the examples from question 5, write 4 scenarios in which each party acts as the subject partner:




8. Question 7, where each party in Origin-Division-Union acts as the subject partner, is an example of what key process in Divine Principle?



9. Draw a 4 position foundation with God as the Origin and Child as the Union:



10. How does the 4 Position Foundation create significance in the following numbers?







section-twoManish Saluja