Four Position Foundation

Lesson Objective: Understand that the Four Position Foundation is the dynamic framework that allows us to have harmonious and unique relationships with God and others.

Divine Principle Reading

When through origin-division-union action, the origin, the subject partner and object partner projected from the origin, and their union all fulfill the three object purpose, the four position foundation is established.

The four position foundation is the root of the number four. It is also the root of the number three, because it is the fulfillment of the three object purpose. The four position foundation is realized by God, husband and wife, and children; they complete the three stages of origin-division-union action. Hence, the four position foundation is the root of the principle of three stages. Furthermore, each of the four positions in the four position foundation takes on three object partners in fulfilling the three object purpose. In total there are twelve object partners; hence, it is the root of the number twelve. The four position foundation is the fundamental foundation of goodness. It is the realization of God’s purpose of creation. It is the fundamental foundation for the life of all beings, providing all the forces necessary for their existence and enabling God to abide in them. Therefore, the four position foundation is God’s eternal purpose of creation.


1. Explain: The Four Position Foundation is created through the successful relationships and processes of:

  • Origin Division Union
  • Subject & Object Partner
  • Three Object Purpose

2. Explain: The Four Position Foundation is the root of the numbers:

  • 4: Four Positions in the Four Position Foundation
  • 3: Fulfillment of Three Object Purpose
  • 12: Twelve possible object partners

Divine Principle Reading

All beings which have completed the four position foundation by fulfilling the three object purpose through origin-division-union action move in circular (elliptical) or spherical paths. As a result, they exist in three dimensions. Let us now investigate the reason for this. The subject partner becomes an object partner to God, revolving around God and thus attaining oneness with Him. When the object partner becomes completely one with its subject partner, their union can stand before God as a new object partner resembling His dual characteristics. Moreover, the way for any object partner to stand as an object partner before God is by making oneness with its subject partner.

In this union of subject partner and object partner, the subject partner and object partner are themselves composed of dual characteristics; these, by the same principle of give and take action, carry on their own circular motions. Thus, we see circular motions of give and take action within both the subject partner and object partner, which are simultaneously engaged in the greater circular motion within their union. Although there are moments when the two levels of circular motion among subject partners and object partners may happen to have orbits on the same plane, in general, because the angle of revolution around the subject partner is constantly changing, this circular movement becomes a spherical movement. In short, all beings which have completed the four position foundation carry on circular and spherical movement, and hence their mode of existence always becomes three-dimensional.

When the circular movement of the subject partner and the object partner on a single plane becomes a spherical movement in a three-dimensional orbit, the dynamism and creativity of the universe unfolds. Variations in each orbit’s distance, shape, state, direction, angle, force and velocity are manifest as the beauty of creation in its infinite variety.

Activity: Infinite Variety

1. Give the youth a piece of paper and a pen and tell them to draw 3 pictures: something that represents an ideal person, a happy family, and a harmonious world

2. When they are finished, have the youth share their images and explain them.

3. Explain:

  • Everyone received the same direction, yet all of your images are different from each other.
  • The four position foundation happening within each of us vary in spherical orbit which makes us unique and creative.
  • Even though we are all relating with God, the unique dynamic movement within our four position foundation allows us to be creative and express ourselves differently from each other.

Concluding Point: We are all given the direction to fulfill the Three Blessings, but we all do it in a unique way. This is how it is possible to have each person in the world be unique and different from one another.

Activity: The Four Position Foundation Dance

(If your group is more logically based they may prefer the alternative video below)

1. Explain:

  • The Divine Principle explains the dynamic movement that happens within a 4 position foundation, but it can be a bit confusing to understand.
  • To demonstrate the dynamic movement we are going to have a square dance lesson!

2. Watch and practice this video together:– wDn9QRjJ0.

You ideally need at least 8 people in a group, if you don’t have that, just improvise to make it work. You can have the whole group participate, or just have 8 volunteers demonstrate. Label each person participating as one of the following:

  • Pair 1: God (Yang), God (Yin)
  • Pair 2: Man (Yang), Man (Yin)
  • Pair 3: Woman (Yang), Woman (Yin)
  • Pair 4: Child (Yang), Child (Yin)

3. If it goes well, you can put on some music and call out the steps yourself if you like: circle left, circle right, forward & back, swing, promenade, promenade ½, single file promenade.

4. Explain:

  • Each person represented: God, Man, Woman, and Child and their respective Yang & Yin characteristics.
  • Their movements represented the dynamic give and take and changing of positions that happens within a 4 position foundation.

Activity: Four Position Foundation Video

(This video is optional, but can be helpful to visualize the spherical give and take of the 4 Position Foundation). Use this video to show what type of movement happens in the four position foundation. 12: Existence as Orbits:

If you don’t want to use the whole video it can be broken up into these parts:

  • 0-2 minutes: Three Object Purpose
  • 2-3 minutes: How the Three Object Purpose relates to the Four Position Foundation
  • 3-4:30 minutes: Orbits of the Four Position Foundation
  • 4:30-5:30 minutes: Using an ideal person Four Position Foundation as a practical example
  • 5:30- End: The variation in orbits creates beauty in creation

Concluding Point: The Four Position Foundation is the framework for how we interact in our lives and produce works. The unique give and take happening within and between each position of the 4 Position Foundation allows for infinite variety in the beauty of creation.

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