Origin-Division-Union and the Three Object Purpose

Lesson Objective: Understand that ODU and the Three Object Purpose are the way in which we create and grow individually and in relationships.

Divine Principle Reading:

Origin-Division-Union Action

This whole process – in which out of God, the Origin, two entities are separately manifested and reunited in oneness – is called origin-division-union action.

Activity: ODU, it’s just like math!

1. Explain:

  • The principle of ODU is just like a math equation. It’s where two entities, centered on God, come together, and produce a union that is greater than their individual parts.
  • All parts of the universe perform multiplication this way: protons and electrons form atoms, atoms form molecules, etc.

2. Write these equations on the board and have the youth fill in the blanks in small groups. The answers are listed below, but keep in mind that the answers they come up with could be correct too.

  • Mind + Body = _______ (Ideal Person)
  • Man + Woman = ______(Children)
  • Mankind + Creation = ______(World of Harmony)
  • Leadership +People= ______(Community)

3. Assign one of these “unions” to one youth or a small group of youth and ask them to discern the two entities that would make up the division of ODU and then share their answers with the group:

  • Theater Performance/Musical
  • Champion of a Sports Tournament
  • Graduating College
  • Delicious Meal
  • Meaningful Workshop Experience

Concluding Point: When two entities center on God and engage in interaction they are able to produce something much bigger than themselves.

Divine Principle Reading:

As a result of origin-division-union action, four positions are formed: the origin at the center, the subject partner and the object partner (distinct substantial object partners to the origin in the pattern of its dual characteristics), and their union. Any one of the four positions may assume the position of subject partner and engage the other three as its object partners, forming a communion of three object partners. When each of the four then acts as the subject partner and enters into give and take with the other three revolving around it, they fulfill the three object purpose.

Activity: The Three Object Purpose

1. Split the youth into small groups and ask them to come up with a scenario in which each of these 4 positions would be the subject and fulfill the 3 object purpose. Go over the answers once they are finished.

  • God- Man- Woman- Child
  • God- President- People- Country
  • God- Teacher- Students- Class

Concluding Point: We are constantly moving positions and fulfilling the Three Object Purpose. When centered on God, this constant give and take leads to harmony and unity in relationships.

section-twoManish Saluja