This is a supplemental activity to include in an already planned youth group night. It is meant to challenge the youth to take ownership of their own faith by being intentional in their participation of youth ministry related activities. 

  1. At the beginning of whatever youth group you already have planned pass out this worksheet to everyone:
    • Intentional Worksheet
    • You can also easily have the youth make their own worksheet if you don’t have access to a printer
      • Rows:
        • What happened before you came here?
        • What were you thinking about/doing on your way here?
        • What is distracting you now while you are here?
        • What are you planning on doing after?
      • Columns:
        • List the honest facts
        • How will that impact your experience today?
  2. Allow time for the youth to complete the worksheet in its entirety
  3. Optional small group discussion if you feel it would be valuable
  4. Have a staff member give a short talk on the importance of being intentional in our life faith and at youth group

[Extra Challenge: As an offering of intention, ask everyone to pull off their phones and turn them off all the way– not just on silent]