If your youth group is working on going all in, here’s a fun twist to end the night.

  1. After identifying whatever it is that you want to invest yourself into, challenge your youth to this crazy run.
  2. Set up a group of strong staff members at the end of a relatively long distance with very large cushions to hold.
  3. Then challenge the youth to take the run blindfolded and go all in:
    1. A staff member should be the first to go to demonstrate the intention behind the activity.
    2. Have them stand at the start of the run and blindfold them.
    3. They should yell out their intention or goal at the top of their lungs to declare it to God and the group
    4. Then they should run as fast as they can blindfolded in a straight line.
    5. Then ask for volunteers. Not everyone needs to participate in the activity, so it’s ok if only a few do. If not many have done it and you think more would like to you may need to give a pep talk about going all in and that this is your chance to do so. 
      • The scary part is that they can’t see where they are running but the point is they should run as fast as they can even if they can’t see where the end is. 
      • The staff with the cushions should be ready to move to be able to catch them. Most people don’t run in a straight line.
      • It’s very important that the rest of the group cheers and yells for that person as they run so they can feel victorious!
      • It’s a good idea to have the staff members with the cushions at the end give the volunteer a big hug, pat on back or high five to solidify their investment.