Example: Presidential Election
Other possible topics are: Gun Control, Gay Marriage, Death Penalty, Marijuana Legalization, etc.

Research: There’s tons of information out there, but here are two websites I liked the most:

Discuss:  Try to keep the discussion broad and first discuss what people knew about the election in general. Try steering the questions to the importance of the election process and how by participating in it people can make a difference.

  1. What do you know/have heard about the presidential election/race?
  2. Who are some people you know that are running?
  3. Why is the election important?
  4. Do you think we should have elections?
  5. What about school elections?
  6. Would you want to vote when you’re eligible to?
  7. o you think your participation/vote makes a difference?

Concluding Points:  There is a connection between participating in the election process and advancing God’s providence. By supporting the leaders that share similar goals and values we can bring about a positive change and further God’s providence.

Submitted by Tazuko Sugajima and the Boston Youth Ministry.