1. Ask everyone to choose an area of their life that they want to work on and improve
    • Such as faith, family, school, passion, direction, etc.
  2. Have everyone write that area on the top of a piece .
  3. Give ample time for everyone to write down habits and things that they are doing surrounding this area of life. Make sure that they include habits that are both helping them and holding them back.
    • Such as: Faith- Praying everyday, Not reading HDH, etc.
  4. In small groups discuss:
    • What are some habits that you are doing that are helping you in this area?
    • What are some habits you are doing that are holding you back in this area?
  5. Ask everyone to cut out the habits that are holding them back from their piece of paper and destroy them.
  6. Ask everyone to think of new habits that can replace the holes in their paper.
  7. Write those new habits on another piece of paper, cut it out and tape it to their original paper.
  8. Give a concluding talk/debrief about letting go of habits that are holding us back.