1. Break The Ice: Play an icebreaker, get to know each other, or get some laughter going
  2. Listen Together
    • Prepare testimonies from the child and parent perspective about overcoming difficult situations in the parent child relationship
  3. Reflect
    • What is a current challenge my parents/my children and I are facing?
    • What is blocking us from overcoming this difficulty?
  4. Share Together
    1. Listen to the other party share without interrupting
    2. Repeat back what was just shared, “So what I’m hearing is….”
    3. Confirm you heard correctly and allow for further clarification
    4. Make a plan to move forward together
  5. Do Together: Make a craft together that symbolizes the family
    • Do a version of the painting at the top, but turn it into a 4 Position Foundation (Parents would love it!)
  6. End with a Bang: 
    • Share  3 Great Things about my Parents/Children with the group
    • Share Best Practices: What is something we do that allows us to create a home we love?
    • Have a Soul Train to the song “We are family”