1. Buy enough supplies for everyone: index cards for the number of days in the month you are making a calendar for, keychain ring (or single binder ring), markers/pens
  2. Ask everyone to look up 1-3 of their favorite quotes online that really helps them stay motivated in becoming the person they want to be.
  3. Hand out the supplies to each person and ask them to label each index card 1-30 (or however many days there are in that month) in the corner.
  4. Hole punch the index cards in the top left corner and attach them to the ring to make a “calendar.”
  5. Sit in a circle and have each person write their quote on the first page of their calendar.
  6. Pass their calendar to the right and have each person write their quote on the next page.
  7. Continue this process until all pages of the calendar have been filled. 

Submitted by Sasha Drost, Josh Hunter & Owin Pierson and the District 1 Youth Ministry.