1. Print out the attached PDFs and cut out the cards.
  2. Cut 11 squares of cardboard the size of the squares of the Game Board
  3. Place the cardboard on all but one square on the Game Board so that all of the topics are hidden except one.
  4. Deal the cards out evenly to each person. People don’t need to show their cards.
  5. To play, all the players share all of their concerns about the revealed topic.
  6. After a couple minutes of having a few players sharing their concerns, then the facilitator asks if anyone would like to play a card to address the concerns. One player will put down a card that has a value that if they were to implement this value, it could make a difference in the concerns for that topic. They explain how it could make a difference.
    • As an example, if the topic is the Hoon Dok Hae, players may say concerns like “I find it really boring” and “I don’t get why we have to wake up so early in the morning.” Then a player could put down a card like “With Ownership” and explain “If I were to participate in Hoon Dok Hae with ownership, I would make sure that Hoon Dok Hae isn’t boring by initiating conversations about how the Hoon Dok Hae applies to my own life.”
  7. Then the player slides a cardboard square to cover up the old topic, and reveal the new one. Then repeat for each topic until each topic is completed.

[Credit for this activity goes to the NC UC Youth Ministry!]