1. Start the program with a testimony from one or more staff members about key moments in our life that have shaped us into the person we are today.
  2. Ask everyone to reflect on the most impacting growth moments in these areas of their life. They should hone in on a specific experience where they learned a new skill that they still use in their life today.
    1. Family: (Example: A bad fight with a sibling turned into a lesson in conflict resolution)
    2. Friends: (Example: Talking about someone behind their back turned into a lesson about people’s feelings)
    3. School: (Example: Forgetting about a project turned into a lesson about time management)
    4. Faith: (Example: An experience at a workshop taught me about God’s love for me)
  3. Share 1 or some of these growth moments in small groups.
    1. You can also alternatively do pair shares for each of these topics, so each person would share with 4 different people.
  4. Close the program with a debrief on how important these growth moments are in our lives and that we should continue to seek out moments to continue our growth and build new and healthy habits.