“HI, I’M…”

  1. Introduce the concept of determining our value. Share about the different ways that you build your identity: School, work, family, youth ministry, music, dance etc. Share about how you feel good about yourself when you are able to give time to these different areas of your life.
  2. Give everyone a piece of paper and a writing utensil.
  3. Have them write their name or draw a stick figure picture of themselves in the middle of the paper.
  4. Ask them to brainstorm the different ways they are building their through their daily activities. They should do a brainstorm cluster in which they draw lines from the center drawing/name outward and then write or draw an image of the activity they feel value from.
  5. Form two circles that face each other (one facing outward, one facing inward) and have the outer circle move to the right by one person for each round. For each round have the youth introduce themselves by their activity, just like someone would say “Hi I’m Joe, i’m an electrician.” The kids would say things like “Hi I’m Mary and i’m a student, dancer, artist, etc.”
  6. Thank everyone to doing this brainstorm process and acknowledge the good things they are doing in their life. BUT give a talk about where our true value comes from. In our society we often define ourselves by what we do. However, as Unificationists we know our value is intrinsic because we are God’s children.
  7. Repeat the introduction circle game but this time have everyone say “I’m God’s daughter/son.”
  8. Give a debrief to close out the night about how we are all God’s children.