1. Feature a talk or testimony about the difficulties of standing up for what you believe in our society, as well as the blessing that comes with sharing your righteous beliefs.
  2. Have a staff member (or a few if possible) give an example of a 1 minute speech about something strongly believe in. Some examples include: purity before marriage, fitness, family is the school of love, etc. You can choose if you want topics to be more spiritual, more practical, or any of the above.
    • When the staff members demonstrate the 1 minute speech they should stand on top of a table or chair and speech passionately for one minute. It doesn’t need to be a prepared speech, but they should keep trying to talk about their cause until the minute is finished. Have someone keep time and count down when the time is finished. Encourage everyone to give a big round of applause when they are finished.
  3. Give time for the youth to consider what cause they believe in. Some may like to use paper and pen to jot down their thoughts. Ask them to be ready to give a 1 minute passionate talk about their cause and why they believe in it.
  4. When everyone is ready, take turns passionately speaking on their topic of choice. Make sure each person stands on top of something and encourage the group to be an amazing audience.