1. Prepare ahead of time: Put confetti in empty balloons
  2. Give everyone a balloon and have them blow it up and tie it off
  3. Have everyone think about the things that are holding them back from having a healthy spiritual life
  4. Ask everyone to write a word or two on the balloon with permanent marker to represent all the obstacles holding them back
  5. Have a staff member give an inspiring talk about overcoming obstacles in our spiritual lives and moving forward
  6. Have everyone share in small groups about the things that are holding them back in their spiritual lives
  7. Have everyone make one determination to overcome those obstacles
  8. Give everyone a moment to silently promise to God their determination
  9. Instruct everyone to hold their balloon over their head and pop it with something sharp
  10. Enjoy the confetti and celebrate moving forward in our spiritual lives

[To add another thoughtful factor, you could fill the balloons with encouraging messages like “You can do it” “I believe in you!”]