1. Have a staff member give an opening talk about these main points:
    • When asked to think about moments in our life that have helped us to grow into better people we tend to think of the big and extreme moments that have changed our life: a workshop, a car accident, etc.
    • But in reality, simple moments and experiences are what help us grow everyday.
    • This activity is meant to focus our attention on the baby steps of spiritual growth that are happening every day. 
  2. Give everyone about 30 Post-Its (you can do more if you want to challenge them!)
  3. Instruct the youth to write down one experience/memory/moment that helped them to grow their internal character.
    • The youth will feel overwhelmed at first that they have to fill 30 post its, that’s OK
    • Once they get going it’s a lot easier to do than they think
    • If some people are having a hard time, use that as an opportunity for a staff member to mentor them and help them discover their daily internal growth
  4. Have everyone post their post-its on a wall, or on all the walls of the room and enjoy reading them together

[For a fun group challenge, you can have the youth work together to spell out a word using the post its like the above picture]