1. Feature a talk or testimony about overcoming challenges in your life that hold you back. The best way to do that is to identify what it is and face it head on.
  2. Split into small groups and discuss:
    • What holds you back from being who you want to be?
    • How do you think you could overcome this challenge?
  3. Gather in a large circle and perform the “Tackling” challenge as a way of metaphorically tackling your challenge.
    • Youth should volunteer for this and should not be forced, however, they should be strongly encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone. Staff can participate too and that usually helps to set the atmosphere!
    • Have the youth pick a staff member of the same gender to represent their challenge. Have the youth briefly whisper what their challenge is to that staff member before starting so the staff can be in the right spiritual state.
    • The goal of the activity is to have the youth wrestle the staff member to the ground. Once both of the staff member’s knees touch the ground they have accomplished the activity.
  4. Everyone should cheer loudly when they do and the staff member and youth should embrace. If you are feeling the spirit it would be good for them to also share a private prayer together.