1. Watch the Ted Talk: Expanding your circle of compassion by Robert Thurman
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBZyRlxVd-E
  2. Have the group do a written reflection:
    1. Pick one person you would categorize as a friend, stranger, and enemy. (An enemy can be a strong word, but for our purposes it is someone we have ill feelings towards).
    2. Write down why you chose each person for these categories, what about these people makes them a friend, stranger, or enemy?
    3. Now, take time to write down what you think makes each of those people happy and sad.
  3. Have a facilitator lead the group through a meditation like this:
    1. Think of the person that you listed as your friend.
    2. Think of what makes them happy.
    3. Think of what makes them sad.
    4. Meditate on the sadness, and send it away.
    5. Meditate on the happiness, and draw it closer.
    6. Visualize their happiness, their joy, and their satisfaction.
    7. Repeat this same process with all 3 people.
  4. Discuss:
    1. What happiness and sadness did you visualize for each person?
    2. Did that visualization change how you viewed each person?
    3. Is it possible to change your perspective on the stranger and an enemy when you think from their point of view?

Submitted by Bernard Rigsbee and the Arkansas Youth Ministry

Level 3Manish Saluja