An important step in building an awareness of sharing our faith with others is to focus on love while youth are still developing their own intellectual understanding of our faith. Here are some simple idea’s to focus on sharing the love with others.

  1. Have staff members share testimonies about an unforgettable person in their life who has impacted them.
    1. Someone who believed in them, motivated them and/or helped them become the person they are today.
  2. Have the youth discuss in small groups about unforgettable people in their life who have impacted them.
  3. Discuss times that the youth have lifted others up:
    • listened to friends in a difficult time
    • shared their experiences
    • believed in someone when they couldn’t believe in themselves
  4. Make a thank you card for the person who has lifted you up
  5. Make a card for someone who you could lift up and love
Level 1Manish Saluja