1. Have the youth reflect on this question:
    • What has my community and/or my faith given me?
      • Some kids relate to community more than faith and vice versa, let them choose the words that work for them
      • If you have staff or kids who could share a brief testimony on this topic, include them!
    • Here are some examples: Security, Fun, Depth, Friends, Love
  2. Share these answers in small groups and discuss what they appreciate most about their faith/community
  3. Ask the youth to reflect on this question:
    • Do I have friends who could would like that about my faith/community as well?
  4. Share their reactions/responses in small groups.
  5. Hand out index cards to the youth and have them design their card with this phrase:
    • I want to share the love because my faith/my community is [insert their answer]

Supplies: index cards, markers

Level 1Manish Saluja