1. Open the activity with a short talk about how much God works in our lives and how it can be very easy to overlook the countless blessings we receive from God.
    • You can also have everyone write the blessings to God, such as “Thank you for giving me my loving parents”
  2. Ask each person to write 1-3 blessings they feel that God has given them in their lives.
  3. Hang some thick string (hemp or yarn) on the wall.
  4. Allow time for each person to read the blessings on the wall.
  5. Close the evening a short message on how amazing God is for blessing our lives. Even though life may throw us curveballs, God still provides, and to us, that is inspiring.
  6. You can also have  unison prayer focusing on thanking God for all He/She is doing in our lives.

Supplies: String (hemp,yarn), Clothespins, Cut up construction paper, pens. 
Optional: Buy some nice patterned tape and use it as a border around the string to feature the wall of blessings.

Submitted by Leilani Owens and the Florida Youth Ministry.

god & iManish Saluja