1. Open the program with a short talk about Praise & Worship music (or “Devotion Music” as I like to call it!) and encourage the youth to open their hearts up to God.
  2. Turn off the lights, turn up the music and project a few songs (about 3).
  3. After a few songs, explain to the youth that this is their time to connect with God. Give a mini testimony about how it can be difficult to let God’s love in and sometimes you need the help of others to connect with God.
  4. Let the youth know that we are going to sing more devotion songs and if they want help connecting with God they have their older brothers and sisters here waiting to help them make that connection. When they are ready they should approach an older brother or sister and share briefly what part of God they want to connect with. Then that staff member will hold their hands and pray out loud for that youth to connect with that part of God. When they are finished, the youth can join the crowd again and keep singing.
    • Have staff placed at the front of the room with the eyes down, singing the songs with sincerity.
    • If the youth seem too scared to get the ball rolling, it’s a good idea to have a staff member approach another staff member and ask them to pray for them so the youth can see what it looks like.
  5. Go as long as you like (usually about 30 minutes total is a good length).
  6. End with a closing prayer and/or short inspirational message about who God is.