Okay. This was something we did at our last youth workshop. I’m not sure if it’s done before/written up on the website… but it was really powerful for the kids!

Called it ‘Condition Cafe’.

Time: 1 Hour

Purpose: Create means for participants to invest in their personal relationship with God outside of the workshop or Sunday school. Taking steps towards building necessary habits to stay Inspired after returning home.

Steps: 1. Coordinator introduces purpose. And gives light introduction of specific conditions that participants can choose from (Ex: Prayer, HDH, and Physical – like bowing).

2. Participants are given a brief moment to make a decision of which condition resonates with what they need/want. (important to emphasize that they don’t just stick with their friends!)

3. Break into the Groups based on the condition. (so three groups if you use Prayer, HDH, and Physical)

4. Facilitators of the Group give in depth explanation/purpose of the condition, provides examples, and personal testimony.

5. Then you can split off into small groups (2-3 participants hopefully) within each Group which has a “Central Figure”/Staff and give the space for the participant to think/pray about what they specifically want to offer. (That staff can support them in coming up with the best condition for them… Making sure they choose something substantial and centered!)

6. They will write out their condition on paper (with what they’re offering, their purpose, and for how long) and the Staff that’s leading that small group takes photo of their paper and gets their contact info.

7. For following week (or however long their condition is) the small group staff keeps in contact with the participants in their small group, holds them accountable, and encourages them!

*** Note: This activity/condition should be completed by Staff as well! It’s especially good for them :) ***

Contributed by Joshua Holmes, Los Angeles, California Community

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