This is an activity I made up by leading a group into a meditative state by using a trick I picked on the internet. It’s best to try this out yourself before doing in a group.

Meditation is a great way to practice mind and body unity which is essential for having a clear connecting to God.

  1. Find a relatively quiet place. There can be some back ground noise (like nature).
  2. Do a bit of a breathing exercise. Similar to yoga, do a few or several deep inhales and exhales to control your breathing.
  3. Close your eyes. Do a few more deep breaths.
  4. Empty your mind. (This may come easier to some, but for most this is will take the most time and effort).
  5. The Trick: Let your mind go. Let it race, entertain every thought that comes to mind no matter how big or small. Just let all the voices talk, talk to yourselves. Do not stop the flow of your mind going everywhere and anywhere. Eventually you will notice a gap between thoughts. The gaps will increase in numbers and length. Without forcing it, focus on those little gaps between thoughts. Relish in that moment where you brain is not thinking of anything. This is where “zen” is experienced. A sense of consciousness and nothingness.
  6. Ease out of meditation, reflect on what you experienced.

When leading a group through this activity, I basically imitated a yoga instructor. Talk in a calming, soothing manner; gauge where the group is at when talking them through the trick in the 5th step. Administrating the trick in the 4th step is the most important part. You can recite what I wrote in the trick section (does not have to be verbatim), but make sure to gauge the group and only give one line at a time. Gradually increase the time between your instruction to the kids and eventually not talk at all until you are ready to finish the meditation time.

This is a great little trick you can use just about any time you need to focus on something (studying, testing, even for focusing before a game), at the end of the meditation you should refreshed in a sense and a more heightened awareness where you can focus on things better. Bonus, this can also be used as a way to go to sleep. The main take away for this activity is getting into the mindset or mentally preparing yourself to talk to god, by getting rid of distractions and really be able to talk with your true self. Again I cannot stress this enough, but make sure to try this out yourself as well as with the staff before leading it; it can be extremely beneficial for yourself.

Submitted by Takafumi Sasaki and the LA Youth Ministry

god & iManish Saluja