1. Prepare a variety of photos/images, card-stock, glue, markers etc.  
  2. Tell the Youth to think about the past year and what their challenges and victories have been. (If you are in the middle of the year, have them think about this current year and where they are at with God)
  3. After reflecting, ask them to take time to write a postcard to God from this point in their spiritual journey.
    • Choose an image that connects with where you are at now
    • Choose an image that represents your difficulties and ask for inspiration
    • Choose an image that represents your greatest victory and give thanks
    • Or just choose an image that you feel represents you and send God a message
  4. Leave the postcard on a clothesline so that it can inspire others. 

( Make sure to give their postcard back to them at the end of the night!)

god & iManish Saluja