1. Prepare the activity by sharing about the value and benefit of having a friend who can pray for you in your challenges. It’s important to create a deep and sincere environment, otherwise this activity won’t be taken seriously.
  2. Put all of the youth in pairs and put all of the staff in pairs too (they should participate as well).
    • You can either prepare the partners based on who you think would be well suited for each other.
    • Or you can put all the names of the youth in a bowl and pray over it and let God choose the pairs.
  3. Ask the partners to share about a personal challenge they are facing in their lives.
  4. Ask the partners to take turns praying out loud for each other and asking for God’s help and blessing in overcoming their challenge.
    • Optional music in the background to make sure youth don’t feel nervous about others hearing their prayers.
    • Optional hand holding during the prayers.
  5. Close the evening in one group offertory prayer offering all of our challenges and prayers to God and spirit world.

Submitted by Toyomichi Hagiwara and the New York Youth Ministry