Running To God: Run to God even if someone is knocking you down.

The marker of those who understand The Gospel is that, when they stumble and fall, they run To God and not from Him. – Matt Chandler

  1. This activity should follow an evening focusing on running to God when facing challenges in your life.
  2. Ask each youth to think of a blocking point in their relationship with God. It’s a good idea to feature testimonies from staff on this point that create a vulnerable atmosphere.
  3. Clear a large space and have a staff member demonstrate the following activity.
    1. The participant should stand at one side of the room.
    2. They should choose a staff member to represent God for them. The “God” representative should stand at the other side of the room.
    3. The participant should then choose 3 people to represent whatever is blocking them in their relationship with God. Those people should hold large couch-sized pillows.
    4. When the participant is ready they should take a moment of prayer with the “God” person and briefly share what their challenge is about. Then they should separate and go to their starting places.
    5. The participant should then try to reach God at the other end of the room, while the other 3 staff members (obstacles) should physically block their way. This should be a challenge because this activity is about running to God even when you fall and stumble.
    6. Everyone else in the room should be cheering loudly for this person to encourage their determination.
    7. When the participant reaches God they should embrace genuinely and everyone should cheer loudly.
  4. This activity should be optional for whomever wants to participant, but the facilitator should strongly encourage people to participate. Staff can also participate for several rounds in the beginning so the youth can get comfortable.
  5. End with a debrief or sincere prayer about running to God no matter what knocks us down.