1. Introduce this activity with the notion that so many people in the world don’t know how much God loves them. This activity is a chance to let them know how much their Heavenly Parent loves them.
  2. Think about someone in your life who is having a hard time and could use some extra love. Some ideas could be:
    • Parents
    • Siblings
    • Friends
    • Youth Leaders/Pastors
  3. Take a moment and think about this person from God’s perspective.
    • What does God love about this person?
    • What does God wish He could say to this person?
    • How does God see this person?
  4. Write a letter to this person from God’s perspective keeping these things in mind.
  5. Seal the letter in envelopes and encourage the youth to secretly give these messages to people on their own time.
  6. Close with the point that we are all God’s children and we should continue to practice seeing other’s from God’s point of view.