Aim to explore the sense of hearing

To explore the sense of hearing
To learn that God gave us the sense of hearing to give us joy

The Listening Walk, by Paul Showers & Aliki
Objects to listen to – clock, bell, drum, plastic duck, recorder, music cd etc…
Pictures to cut out – cat, clock, bell, drum, car, whistle, duck, dog
Song – “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”
A picture of a girl listening with space to stick pictures glue , scissors

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story & Discussion
3. Activities – listening walk, identify sounds, playing deaf, song, cut & paste
4. More Discussion
5. Review aims of lesson
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Remind the children about the five senses. Show large pictures of eye, ear, nose, mouth and hand and remind them about what senses we have done so far.

2) Story & Discussion
* Talk about the children’s ears- the different parts, shape and size. You can listen through your ears. What do like to hear? What don’t you like. What would it be like if we couldn’t hear?
Some people are deaf, so they have to lip read or use sign language.
* Read “The Listening Walk,” by Paul Showers & Aliki

3) Activities
* Go on a listening walk. When you return talk about the sounds everyone heard
* Tell the children to close their eyes. Can they identify the sounds you make?
* Pretend the children are deaf. Give instructions without words
* Sing “Old MacDonald” and make sounds of the animals
* Children cut out small pictures and stick them on picture of a girl listening. Can the children make sounds for each of the pictures?

4) More Discussion
* God wants us to hear sounds that make us happy – birds singing, music, trees rustling, laughing,wind blowing, etc…  

* God wants us to hear words of love. When someone says kind words to us we feel happy. Thank you, please. excuse me, Can I help you? and other polite words are all important for us to hear.

5) Review the aims of the lesson
* To explore the sense of hearing
What sounds did we hear today?
* To learn that God gave us the sense of hearing to give us joy
What sounds make you happy?

6) Prayer
Say a prayer to thank God for giving us the gift of hearing