Aim to understand that God gave us eyes to see so many wonderful things

To understand that God gave us eyes to see so many wonderful things
To thank God for the sense of sight

• Large pictures of the five senses – eye, ear, nose, mouth, hand
• Book – “Sight”, by Maria Rius
• A number of items connected with seeing: a pair of old spectacles, small plastic mirrors, magnifying glasses, a torch, a pair of binoculars, sheets of coloured cellophane or plastic to look through, balloons, coloured pencils, a bunch of colourful flowers or fruit, colourful pictures of fruit and a butterfly.
• Cloth to cover items
• Worksheet – a picture of a boy’s face with open eyes and small pictures of items to cut out: sun, moon and stars, book, house, boat, balloons, ribbon, firework
• Materials for worksheet – scissors, glue, coloured pencils

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Read
3. Discussion
4. Activities – handle objects, memory game, cut & paste pictures
5. Review aims of lesson
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Show large pictures of eye, ear, nose, mouth and hand. Remind the children about the five senses.

2) Reading
* Read “Sight,” by Maria Riuss

3) Discussion
* Talk about the children’s eyes- the different colours, the different parts, shape and size. What colour and shape are your eyes? Use small mirrors so children can look at their eyes.
* What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite thing to see? Look at the coloured pictures. How many colours can they see?
* What would it be like if we couldn’t see? Some people are blind and need a walking stick. Some people need glasses.

4) Activities
* Handle objects – Children handle different items connected to seeing – binoculars, glasses, magnifying glasses, coloured cellophane, torch, mirror, plus a few objects such as balloons, coloured pencils, flowers and fruit. Use a magnifying glass to have a closer look at things. Look through a pair of binoculars at things far away. 
* Memory game . Put some of the items on a table. Ask the children to try to remember each one. Cover them with a cloth. Ask children to name them. Let the children see them again. This time they must turn away. Take an item a way. When the children look again can they say what is missing. 
* Cut & paste . Children cut out small pictures and stick them on the large picture for display. Some can be coloured in.

5) Review the aims
To understand that God gave us eyes to see so many wonderful things
To thank God for the sense of sight


7) Conclusion
Children add pictures to their files. Remind them to share their work with parents


6) Prayer
Thank God for making my eyes and the gift of sight