Aim to learn about siblings love through the story of Dogger

To learn about siblings love through the story of Dogger
To learn that older should take care of younger and younger should listen to older

Dogger by Shirley Hughes
“We learn to love each other” worksheet
scissors, coloured pencils
red hearts stickers
memory cards showing pictures of siblings love

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story & Discussion
3. Activities – worksheet, memory game
4. Review aims of lesson
5. Prayer

1) Introduction
* Today’s lesson is about love between brothers and sisters. Ask the children about their brothers and sisters. What are their names? How old are they? Do they help you? Do you help them? Do you have fights? etc..

2) Story & Discussion
* Tell the story of DOGGER. It is about a little boy called Dave and his soft brown soft toy called Dogger and his big sister, Bella. He goes everywhere together his soft toy, all the time. But, one evening, just before bedtime, Dave discovers Dogger is lost. His whole family help to look for it but it cannot be found and Dave is very sad. The next day the family go to his sister’s school fair.

At the fair Dave sees that his favourite toy for sale. By the time he brings his sister, Dogger has been bought by a little girl. Bella tries to explain to the girl that Dogger really belongs to Dave, but the girl refuses to give it . Finally, Bella decides to give the giant teddy bear she won at the fair in exchange for Dogger. The girl is very happy to exchange.

This act of love and sacrifice solves the problem and Dave and Dogger are reunited once again.

*Discuss the story. Do you have a favourite toy? Have you ever lost something that is important to you? Tell about it. How did it feel? Did you cry? Were you very sad? Did you ask someone to help? Did you find it? How did you feel when you found it? Did you thank person who helped find it?

* How do you think Dave lost Dogger? If you were the girl would you exchange Dogger for a giant teddy bear? Why did Belle change her teddy bear? What did Dave do when he got Dogger back?
* God wants brothers and sisters to love each other. Parents want brothers and sisters to love each other. The older shows their love by taking care of the younger. This is what Belle did for Dave. She really took care of Dave and he became so happy. When the younger listens to the older this is how to show love. Dave really listened to Belle and trusted her completely. 
*  What can you do today to love your brother or sister? Friends are like brother and sister.

What can you do today to love your friends? Look at the pictures of siblings and friends to get ideas

3) Activites
* Complete the “We learn to love each other” worksheet. Children colour the picture, cut it out and stick it onto the big heart. They can colour in the title and decorate the picture with red hearts.
* Play the siblings love memory game. When someone finds a pair ask what it shows about love between siblings. The person who collects the most pairs is the winner

4) Review the aims of the lesson
* To learn about siblings love through the story of Dogger
* To learn that older should take care of younger and younger should listen to older

5) Prayer
* Say a prayer to thank God for your brothers and sisters. Ask God to help you to love your brothers and sisters this week.

first gradeManish Saluja