Aim to learn about husband and wife love in the family

*To learn about husband and wife love in the family
*To learn that husband and wife need each other to be happy

Caleb and Kate by William Steig
picture cards from the story
pictures of husband and wife to cut-out and paste
“Mummy & Daddy need each other” picture to illustrate
coloured pencils

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story & Discussion
3. Activities – correct order, which is missing? memory game, cut & paste
4. Review aims of lesson
5. Prayer

1) Introduction
Remind the children about the different relationships in the family; parent/child, brother/sister, husband/wife. Refer to previous lessons.
Today we will read a story about a husband and wife.

2) Discussion
What do you know about your parents? (name, age, nationality, work)
What things does your mother do at home? What does your father do?
Do they do the same things? Who normally cooks, does the shopping, puts you to bed?
Do they share the work?
One person cannot do everything. Husband and wife need to help each other. Both are important.

3) Story & Questions
*The story starts when Kate and her husband Caleb argue over something silly. A furious Caleb wanders into the forest and falls asleep under a tree. While he dreams, a witch turns him into a dog.
He comes home, of course, but can only bark. The bereft Kate wonders what became of her faithful mate, fearful that he did not know how much she cared, until one night robbers steal into the house, her dog scares them off and the witch’s evil spell is undone. When Caleb is once again himself, he resumes a loving life with Kate. A great story to show kids that while grownups sometimes argue, they still love one another, and usually make up.

* How do we know they loved each other?
1. Caleb had forgotten what they had argued about and wanted to go home and give Kate a kiss.
2. Kate was worried and searched for Caleb in the forest.
3. Caleb slept next to her in the bed, even though he was a dog
4. Caleb followed Kate everywhere.
5. She felt lonely and even cried.
6. When he returned to normal they were overjoyed.

* Teaching point
Kate and Caleb really needed each other to be happy, even if they argued sometimes.

4) Activities
* Correct order – Use picture cards from the book. Ask the children to put them in the correct order.
* Which is missing? – Lay picture cards on a table for the children to look at for one minute. Cover the cards with a cloth and take one or two away. Can they say which ones are missing? Repeat. 
* Memory game – using picture cards
* Cut & paste – Colour and cut out a picture of a mummy and daddy. Glue it onto worksheet with a large heart , with the title “Mummy and daddy need each other. Colour where needed.

5) Review the lesson aims
*To learn about husband and wife love in the family
*To learn that husband and wife need each other to be happy


* Say a prayer to thank God for their mummy and daddy. Ask God to help them to love each other always.

first gradeManish Saluja