Aim to learn about the importance of respect in the family, especially towards parents

*To learn about the importance of respect in the family, especially towards parents

* pictures that show both respect and disrespect
* pictures of parents and children to cut-out and paste
* “We learn respect” picture to illustrate
* Scissors
* coloured pencils
* glue

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Pictures & Discussion
3. Activities – drama, cut & paste, memory game, which is missing?,
4. Review aims of lesson
5. Prayer

1) Introduction
* Remind the children about the different relationships in the family; parent/child, brother/sister, husband/wife. Today we will talk about respect in the family, especially children’s respect towards parents. 
* Respect means treating others politely and kindly. Show the picture of an oriental lady bowing.
Bowing is a good way to show respect, because you are putting someone above you, lifting them up and making them feel important. It is not just to make yourself lower and the other person higher. It is more of an attitude of heart.

2) Pictures and Discussion
Look at and discuss the pictures showing both respect and disrespect in the family.
1. happily obeying parents – not wanting to obey parents
2. being grateful for food – complaining about food
3. waiting to receive – taking before being given
4. waiting patiently – interrupting
5. talking calmly – shouting
6. looking at the person – not looking at the person
7. giving your seat up to older people – not giving your seat
8. wiping your feet – walking inside with dirty shoes
9. taking your dishes away – leaving your dishes on the table

God wants us to grow our hearts and become people of true love. To do this it is very important for children to respect their parents. Then they can receive their parents love and their hearts can grow. Parents are in the subject position to give love and children are in the object position to receive love. Children keep this position when they show a respectful heart. It is the foundation for respecting all people.

3) Activities
* Act out situations shown on the cards
* Colour and cut out a picture of parents and child. Glue it onto worksheet with a large heart , with  the title “We learn to respect”.
* Play the memory game using the picture cards.
* Lay the nine pictures on a table for the children to look at for one minute. Cover the cards with a cloth and take one or two away. Can they say which ones are missing? Repeat.

4) Review the lesson aim
*To learn about the importance of respect in the family, especially towards parents

5) Prayer
* Say a prayer to thank God for your mummy and daddy. Ask God to help you to love each other always.

first gradeManish Saluja