Aim to learn how the different languages of the world came to be

* To learn how the different languages of the world came to be
* To learn to put God first


* Bible Story: Genesis 11:1-9
* Visual aid – large picture of The Tower of Babel
* Wood blocks, lego pieces or cardboard boxes
* Coloured construction paper, stickers, glue, scissors
* worksheets


1) Introduction
There are many different languages in the world today. Once upon a time every one spoke the same language. Today’s story is about how the different languages of the world came to be and what
happened when people put themselves first instead of God.

2) The Tower of Babel
The Bible tells us why there are so many different languages in the world today. It happened like this: After Noah and his family landed the ark and got out, God helped Noah’s sons and children. After many years, there were lots of people in the world again. As the population began to multiply, the people started moving eastward so they would have more room for their families.

Soon they came to a great plain or level ground. They thought this would be a great place to live.
They worked together to make bricks from the clay to build their houses. Then they had a great idea! They thought, “Why not build a great tower out of the bricks? We could make a tower that
reaches all the way to the heavens. We could make a name for ourselves. We will be famous for our great tower. People will see it for miles around. Everyone will hear about it and want to come and see our great tower.”

They all worked together day after day making bricks, and cementing them together to make a great tower. It took a lot of planning, a lot of work and lot of time, but they didn’t care because they knew that when they were finally finished everyone would see how great they were. They were very proud of themselves. They were bragging because people were praising them for all their work.
Then one day God came down from heaven and saw what all the people were doing. He was very sad and angry. They weren’t building this tower for him. They were building it to make themselves
look good. They weren’t thinking about God and what he wanted them to do, they were just thinking about themselves, and how they could make themselves happy. They had forgotten God. 

God decided to stop them right then and there and teach them a lesson. He could have knocked down their tower, but he didn’t. Instead he changed their languages. All of a sudden they started
speaking in other languages. Now you know how difficult it is to talk to someone who doesn’t speak your language. Just think how difficult it would be to build a tower when everyone spoke a
different language. It was so difficult that they stopped building the tower, and the people started moving away forming their own settlements and eventually forming countries. And that is why we have so many different languages today. This tower was called the Tower of Babel and the word

Babel means confusion.

3) Discussion
Why did the people want to build a tower? – to make a name for themselves
How high did they want to make the it? – to reach the heavens
Why was God not happy with the tower? – People had forgotten God and only thought of how important they were
Why did God change their language? to stop them building the tower
What does Babel mean? – confusion

What does the word pride mean? – It has two meanings:
1)to have too high opinion of your own importance.
2) a feeling of satisfaction that comes from your own achievements

Why is the first kind of pride a problem? – It separates us from God
Why should we put God first? – God knows what is best for us and wants to us to be good and happy children. When we put God first He can help us in many ways. When we forget God it is easy
to think only about ourselves and become very selfish

How can we put God first? – We need to study and obey God’s word. For children it also means learning what parents teach us and obeying them.

4) Activities
There are several activities to choose from:
1. Worksheets
2. Build Towers with blocks/lego
3. Learn a language
4. Make up Your Own Word
5. Speak garble to each other
6. Chinese whispers
7. 3D Tower
8. Act out the story

5) Review the lesson aims
* To learn how the different languages of the world came to be
* To learn to put God first

third gradeManish Saluja