Aim to learn the key points of the story

* To learn the key points of the story
* To learn about obedience

Key words: obey, disobey, consequence

* Bible – Genesis 6-9
* Children’s picture Bible
* Worksheets
*Song – “Arky-Arky”
* Perle beads, scissors, coloured pencils, glue, paper, paints, brushes

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Read the story
3. Questions
4. Activities – worksheets, song, paint a rainbow, make a bead rainbow, make a book
5. Review the aims
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Today we will read the story of Noah and learn about obedience and disobedience. Ask the children if they know what the words obey and disobey mean. Talk about what happens when they obey or disobey their parents. How do they feel? How do their parents feel? There are consequences.

Consequence means something happens as a result of our actions. For example, when children are good and listen to their parents, everybody is happy. When they don’t, parents are sad. It is the same with God. Today’s story is about what happened when most people disobeyed God and what the consequences were.

2) Noah’s Ark story
Key points
* People had become cruel and evil and God was sad and angry
* There was one good man called Noah, who obeyed God
* God wanted to destroy all the evil people, except Noah and his family.
* God told Noah to build an ark
* He told him bring two of every animal into the ark
* It rained for 40 days and nights
* Everything was destroyed, except Noah’s family and the animals
* When the rain stopped Noah sent a raven to see if the water had dried up, but it didn’t come back.
* Then he sent a dove. It couldn’t find land, so it came back
* Then he sent the dove again. It came back with an olive leaf, showing the water had dried up.
* They all came safely out of the ark. God promised never again to make a flood and put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise.

Retell the story
Ask the children to retell the story in their own words.


3) Questions
Ask questions in preparation for the worksheet.
– Why was God sad?
– How did God feel about most people?
– What did God decide to do?
– Why did God save Noah?
– What did God tell Noah to do?
– How many days did it rain?
– What did God promise?
– What can we learn from the story?

Just like Noah, when we obey our parents and do the right thing we are happy and Gods blesses us. This is a good consequence. Noah listened carefully to God’s instructions. We should also
listen carefully to our parents instructions. Let us be like Noah and do the things that God likes.

– Most people at Noah’s time disobeyed God. God was sad and angry and they were punished, When we disobey and do the wrong thing, we are sad, our parents are sad and we may get
punished in some way. This is a bad consequence. 

– God promised never again to send a flood, because He loves us. Like God, parents love their children. God wants children to follow parents and be good. This is God’s way. When you don’t
obey, parents are sad or angry. That’s when they punish, not because they don’t love you, but because they do love you and want you to be good.

4) Activities
* Noah’s Ark worksheet – fill in missing words,
God was very sad because the world was so bad. Noah was the only good man. God was sorry that he had created people and wanted to start again. He told Noah that all people would die in a big
flood, except Noah and his family. So, God told him to build a large boat God asked Noah to take his family and a couple of animals of each kind and go into the boat. God brought down the rain
for 40 days and nights. When the water dried came Noah, his sons, their families and all the animals came out of the boat. God was pleased to be able to start afresh to build a new world. He wanted Noah’s sons to have many children. God set a rainbow in the sky as a sign that he would never let that happen again.

* Join the dots – complete the picture by joining the dots
* Spot-the-difference – find 10 differences between the pictures
* Find 10 differences – between two pictures
* Make a Noah storybook – Number the pictures in the correct order. Cut and make into a storybook
* Noah’s ark story cards – Cut the word cards and paste them in the correct order on the ark
* Paint a rainbow
* Make a bead rainbow
* Sing “Arky-Arky”


5) Review the lesson aims
* To learn the key points of the story
* To learn about obedience

6) Prayer
Say a prayer to ask God to help us to learn from the story of Noah about the importance of obedience.

third gradeManish Saluja