Aim to review the main events of story

* To review the main events of story. 
This lesson condenses three lessons into one.

* Children’s Bible story of Jesus’ birth
* Worksheets
* Materials to make Christmas cards – card, glue, glitter, scissors, coloured pencils, pictures to colour

Lesson Outline
1. Review the Christmas Story
2. Questions
3. Activities- worksheets, Christmas cards, memory game, wise men search
4. Review the aim
5. End with a Prayer

1) Review the Christmas Story
Review the key events in the story. Ask questions first to see what the children remember. 
Use picture cards

Key events in the story
1. God’s promise to Zechariah
2. An angel visits Mary
3. Joseph’s Dream
4. Mary meets Elizabeth
5. John’s Birth
6. Jesus’ Birth
7. Angels appear to shepherds
8. The Wise Men
9. Simeon and Hanna
10.Escape to Egypt

2) Questions
– Who were Elizabeth and Zechariah?
– What happened to Zechariah?
– Who visited Mary?
– What did he tell her?
– What dream did Joseph have?
– Where did Mary go? 
– How long was she there for?
– Where did Mary and Joseph go together?
– Why did they go there?
– What problem did they have there?
– What happened to a group of shepherds?
– What were they told?
– Who were Simeon and Anna?
– Who were the wise men?
– What were they looking for?
– Who did they visit first?
– What gifts did they give?
– Why did Joseph and Mary travel again?
– Where did they go to?

3) Activities

Worksheet – Fill in the missing words, colour the pictures

Make Christmas cards
Colour the picture, stick onto card, decorate with stickers, glitter, etc..

Play the memory game
Use the picture cards

Wise Men Search
You need a clothes pin to be baby Jesus. One student is picked to be a wise man and steps out of the room. Another student is picked by the teacher to hide baby Jesus somewhere in the room.
When Jesus is hidden, the wise man comes back into the room. He is to find Jesus by directions from the student that hid him. These directions are: the star is not very bright if the wise man is far
away, brighter if somewhat nearer, getting brighter if even closer, and VERY bright if very close.
When the wise man finds the baby Jesus, the person that hid baby Jesus is now the Wise Man.

4) Review the aim
* To review the main events of story of the birth of Jesus

5) End with a Prayer