Aim to review the story of the birth of Jesus

* To review the story of the birth of Jesus
* to discuss the meaning of Christmas

* Children’s Bible story of Jesus’ birth
* picture cards of the story
* pearls, star template, greaseproof paper, iron
* lollipop sticks, glue, glitter, string

Lesson Outline
1. Review the story of Jesus’ birth
2. Discuss the meaning of Christmas
3. Activities – memory game, making stars
4. Conclusion
5. Prayer

1) Review the story Jesus’ Birth
Ask the children to tell the story of Jesus birth in their own words. How much do they remember?
Use the picture cards. Ask the children to put the pictures in the correct order and explain what is happening in each picture.

2) Discuss the meaning of Christmas
What does Christmas mean to the children? Ask them. Here are some ideas

* The birth of the Messiah
Jesus was a special person chosen by God to establish God’s ideal, a world of peace and happiness

* Jesus message
Christmas is a time to remember the message Jesus gave. He taught most of all about God’s love and about the right and wrong way to live.

* Giving Gifts
Christmas is about giving gifts and remembering the gift of Jesus. If you could have given a gift to Jesus what would it have been?

* Joy
When you give and receive presents we feel a lot of joy in our hearts

Christmas is not only about giving gifts. It is a time of peace, of goodwill to all men.

It is a time for families to be together joyfully

* The calendar
Christmas reminds us that the calendar is counted from Jesus’ birth.

3) Activities
* Put the picture cards in the correct order
* Play the memory game
* Make stars out of lollipop sticks or beads

4) Conclusion
Ask each child what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims:
* To review the story of the birth of Jesus
* to discuss the meaning of Christmas

5) Prayer