Aim to learn more about Hak Ja Han’s character

* To learn more about Hak Ja Han’s character
* to understand that Soon Hae Hong’s mission was to keep her daughter pure
* To understand the importance of staying pure

* “Refugees,” by Linna Rapkins
* Visual Aids
– Map of Korea
– a school photo of Hak Ja Han
– Train crossing a bridge over River Han
– Refugees crossing River Han
– aerial photos of bridge over River Han
* children’s worksheet
* memory cards


Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Tell the story
3. Discussion Questions
6. Activities – worksheet, memory game
7. Conclusion
8. Prayer


1) Introduction
* Remind the children about the last story, in which the three women escaped from prison, travelled south and got help from American and South Korean soldiers, before continuing their journey to Seoul. Today’s story is about what happened once they reached Seoul.

2) Tell the story (a summary)
* Hak Ja Han, her mother and grandmother stayed in Seoul for one year, but they had to leave because of the war. They caught a train to Taegu. They passed over the River Han. Five minutes later American planes blew up the bridge to stop the Communists from going further south. They finally reached Taegu and Hak Ja Han attended school there. As she grew she became very pretty and boys were attracted to her. In order to keep her pure, her mother decided to take her away from Taegu.


3) Discuss the Story
1. Who did they stay with in Seoul?
Soon Hae Hong’s brother

2. Why did they leave Seoul? 
Communist soldiers might attack Seoul

3. Where did they go to? 

4. What happened on their journey? 
The bridge they had just crossed was bombed

5. What words would you use to describe Hak Ja Han’s character?
never complaining, always optimistic, obedient, shy, calm, pure

6. What special messages did Mrs Hong receive about her daughter?
a) The new leader of Inside Belly church told her “She will be the bride of the Lord!” 
b) A monk once said to her, “You could never exchange this one daughter for even ten sons. This daughter is so honorable, she cannot touch the ground.” (In Korea, if you are high class, they say your feet can’t touch the ground.) 
c) The monk also said, “Your daughter will marry when she is very young, and she will marry an older man, a very wonderful, rich man. Money will come to him from the sky, from the land, and from the ocean.”
d) Mrs. Hong heard a voice, “I want you to understand that your daughter must stay pure. She must not have any boyfriends. This is very very important and your only mission is to protect her  during the next few years.”

7. What does it mean to be pure?
a) No boy friends/ girl friends
b) Focus on your relationship with God to develop your heart. There are 4 realms of heart – child, brother/sister, husband/wife, parental. Now is the time to develop the first two. Relationships between boys and girls is a brother sister relationship, not a love relationship of boy friend and girl friend
c) The Fall occurred because Adam and Eve wanted to be husband and wife before the right time, without God’s blessing. They had not matured as brother and sister. We must wait for the right time to receive God’s Blessing

4) Activities
* Colour the picture
* Answer the questions
* Play the memory game to reinforce facts about Hak Ja Han (words and messages)

5) Review the lesson
Review the lesson by referring to the aims of the lesson
1) To learn more about Hak Ja Han’s character
– She never complained, was always optimistic, obedient, shy, calm, pure
2) To understand that Soon Hae Hong’s mission was to keep her daughter pure
To help her to do this she received messages about her daughter:
-She will be the bride of the Lord
-She will marry an older man when she is very young
– she is so special she cannot be exchanged for even 10 sons
-She must stay pure
3) To understand the importance of staying pure
– no boy friends/girl friends
she must focus on her relationship with God to develop her heart


6) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja