Aim to learn some basics facts about the Korean War

* To learn some basics facts about the Korean War
* To learn that Hak Ja Han, her mother and grandmother were protected by God during the war.

* “Mountain Tigers, Mountain Rabbits,” by Chris Garcia
* Visual Aids
– Maps of Korea during Korean War
– Kim Il Sung, General Douglas MacArthur
– Words of “San Toki,” a Korean song + cd
– Hak Ja Han singing San Toki
* DVD – The Korean War, 1950-1953 (Century of Warfare)
* children’s worksheet


Lesson Outline
1. Introduction to the Korean War
3. Tell the story
5. Discussion Questions
6. Activities – worksheet, San Toki, Korean War video
7. Conclusion
8. Prayer


1) Introduction – The Korean War
Begin by asking if the children know anything about the Korean War. Today’s story takes place in 1950, when the war began, so it is good to know what was happening when True Mother was a young girl. Here a a few facts about the war:

1) The war lasted three years from June 1950 to July 1953, after communist North Korea crossed the 38th parallel and invaded democratic South Korea. It became an international war involving the U.S. and 19 other nations, including Sweden, who gave medical help. It was the first time the UN had agreed to enter a war, to stop an invading army. It was also the first time in thousands of years that Koreans were fighting Koreans, and not China or Japan.

2) The leader of the American-led UN forces was General Douglas MacArthur. The leader of North Korea was Kim Il Sung.
2) Before the North Koreans were stopped in August, they had captured Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and the Americans and South Koreans had been pushed back to a small area around the southern port city of Pusan
3) On Sept. 15, 1950, the commander of the UN forces, Gen. MacArthur launched a brilliant sea invasion behind enemy lines, striking at the port city of Inchon , South Korea’s west coast, about 40 km from Seoul. UN forces also broke out of Pusan. Very quickly the North Koreans were forced back above the 38th parallel.
4) UN forces crossed the 38th parallel and pushed the enemy above the Yalu River, which separated North Korea from China.
5) Then the North Koreans backed by massive numbers of Chinese soldiers pushed south again. UN troops were forced to retreat.
6) By January. 4, 1951 the Communists had recaptured Seoul, but, they were not able to go much further They were halted by UN troops on January 15 along a front far south of Seoul.
7) One month later, the entire UN command mounted a powerful attack known as Operation Killer. The Chinese slowly withdrew from South Korea. Seoul fell to the UN again on March 14th. By April 22nd, UN forces had occupied positions slightly north of the 38th parallel along a line that, with minor variations, remained stationary for the rest of the war. 
8) The fighting continued until July 1953, when a truce agreement was signed. Thus, the Korean War ended after more than three years of conflict.

2) Tell the story (a summary)
* In 1950 North and South Korea were at war. 7 year-old Hak Ja Han, her mother and grandmother were in prison in the North, because they believed in God. One night they escaped and walked for 3 nights through forests. It was a dangerous journey, but with God’s help they reached the safety of the South.

3) Discussion questions
* Why were they imprisoned?
They were imprisoned by the communists, who didn’t believe in God, because they believed in God and belonged to Mrs. Ho Ho Bins church.
* How did they escape?
An army truck made a hole in the prison fence, and they escaped through the hole
* When did they travel through the forest? For how long?
They travelled for three nights through forests and slept during the day
* Were there tigers and rabbits in the forest?
There might be tigers and rabbits in the forest, but the North Korean soldiers were like dangerous tigers with guns, while the American and South Korean soldiers were like peaceful rabbits
* What did the American and South Korean soldiers do to help them?
The American and South Korean soldiers gave them chocolate and money and drew a map to help them find a train to Chun Chon
* What song did Hak Ja Han sing?
San Toki
* How did God protect and guide them to safety?
Mother’s singing stopped the soldiers from firing their guns. Her beautiful little heart touched the communists in the North and the soldiers in the South and helped protect the three on their dangerous journey to freedom.


4) Activities – San Toki, Korean War video, worksheet
1. San Toki 산토끼
San Tokki is a children’s song about a mountain rabbit and it goes as follows:

산토끼 토끼야
어디를 가느냐
깡총 깡총 뛰면서
어디를 가느냐

San Tokki Tokkiya
Odi rul kanunya
Ganchong ganchong dwi myon so
Odi rul kanunya

Mountain Bunny , Oh Bunny
Where do you go ?
Boing! Boing! While you jump
where do you go ?

* Listen to the CD of San Toki. (words and music can be downloaded on the internet) Explain what the song is about and display the words
* Teach the children to sing the song
* Children copy the words of the song into their workbook
2. Video Presentation
* Show about 10 minutes of the DVD to give the children some idea about the war.
3. Complete the Worksheet
* Write a summary of the story
* Colour the picture

5) Conclusion
*To conclude ask each person what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the two aims of the lesson.
* To learn some basics facts about the Korean War
* To learn that Hak Ja Han, her mother and grandmother were protected by God during the war.


7) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja