Aim to learn that Hak Ja Han was a special child

* To learn that Hak Ja Han was a special child, because of the merit of her mother and her ancestors.
* To learn about the spiritual experiences surrounding Mother’s birth, which prepared people for the Second Coming  

* “A Princess is Born” by Linna Rapkins
*Visual Aids
*memory cards
*children’s worksheet


Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Tell the story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet, memory game
5. Conclusion
6. Prayer


1) Introduction
* Begin by asking questions
When was Mother born? (January 6th 1943)
How old is she now? (67)

Where was she born? (Sinli, in North Korea) Show a map of Korea
Who was her mother? Show a picture of Soon Hae Hong
* Tell the children that today they will learn more about the background to Mother’s birth

2) Tell the story (a summary)
* Hak Ja Han was born in Sinli, in North Korea, on January 6th 1943 – the same birthday as Father.
Her mother, Soon Ae Hong, was a devout Christian who believed the Messiah would soon be born in Korea. She received revelation that her daughter was a special child, and she should take special care of her. Hak Ja Han means ”Crane Child of Korea”. (Hak=crane, Ja=child, Han=Korea)

Some Key Points
* Soon Hae Hong was a very faithful woman,who was prepared by God to meet the Messiah. She belonged to 2 different churches, that received revelations about the Second Coming. She was waiting and expecting the Messiah to come.
* Her merit of her faithful life and her ancestors merit were behind the birth of such a special child
* Mother was born in the same province as Father and on the same day
* Soon Hae’s husband had been directed to marry Soon Hae, but left her

3) Discussion
Remind the children of the 6 spiritual experiences, to show how God and Satan were working at the time of Mother’s birth. Use the memory cards to show this. Use this time to test their memory. They will need to know this information to answer the worksheet.

1) Mr. Han, Hak Ja Han’s father, belonged to a church that was prepared by God to receive the Messiah. Spirit world told him he should marry Soon Ae Hong. If he had a boy he would become the king of the universe, or a girl she would be the queen of the universe. 
2) Kim Halmoni of The Holy Lord Order Church received revelations that Jesus did not come to die and that a new Messiah would be born in Korea. She was arrested by the police, beaten and later died. 
3) Mrs. Ho Ho Bin of the Inside Belly Church also received revelations that Jesus did not come to die and a new Messiah would be born in Korea. When she prayed her stomach moved. Jesus told the group to make clothes for him
4) Jesus told Soon Hae to cut her hair and make socks from it for him.
5) Satan appeared to Soon Hae and told her to kill her baby.
6) Seven days later the spirit of Kim Halmoni told Soon Hae that Hak Ja Han would become the queen of the universe and that she should be like a nurse to her

4) Activities
* Children complete the worksheet by answering the questions and colouring the worksheet
* Play the memory game to reinforce what has been learnt.


5) Conclusion
*To conclude ask each person what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the two aims of the lesson.
1) To learn that Mother was a born a special child, because of the merit her mother and the merit of her ancestors:
– Soon Hae prayed very much.
– She showed her love and obedience to Jesus when she cut her hair
– She was open spiritually and showed great faith in the messages she received
2) To learn about the spiritual experiences surrounding Mother’s birth, which prepared people for
the Second Coming:
– Mr. Han’s direction to marry Soon Hae
– 2 churches received revelations that the Meesiah would be born in Korea
– 3 spiritual experiences were given to Soon Hae (from Jesus, Satan and Kim Halmoni)

6) End with a prayer


sixth gradeManish Saluja