Aim to learn what it means to be a good disciple

* To learn what it means to be a good disciple

* A Little Peace, by Chris Garcia
* Sun Myung Moon: the Early Years, by Mike Breen. Ch. 10
* Visual Aids:
– Won Pil Kim,
– General MacArthur,
– Kim Il Sung,
– A photo of an American soldier to copy
* Children’s worksheet

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Tell the Story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet, discuss prayer points, review unit 6
5. Review the lesson
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
In the last story early each morning, Father climbed the mountain to pray at a rocky place. It became known as the Rock of Tears, because he cried so much. Here he received revelation from God
and began writing the Divine Principle for the first time. The last chapter was written in the middle of the night by Won Pil Kim, as Father dictated it to him.

2) Tell the story
(a summary) The fighting between North and South Korea had stopped. Won Pil Kim got a job at an American army base, painting buildings. Father worked hard teaching people. But they only
just had enough money. Then, they learnt to paint pictures of American soldiers and make extra money. Won Pil Kim drew the faces and Father coloured the background.

3) Discussion
a) What is a disciple?
* a follower or student of a teacher
b) In what way was Won Pil Kim a good disciple?
* He trusted Father and stayed with him during difficult times
* He supported Father’s mission
* He loved Father like a son loves his father
c) How can children be good disciples to Father?
* Study what Father teaches and put it into practice in daily life. He teaches about true love, to live for others.
* We learn this in our family, by being good children to our parents. Learn what your parents teach you and put into practice in your daily life
* Good disciples trust Father and follow him. Good children trust their parents and follow them.
* We can also be good disciples by praying everyday.

4) Activities
* Complete worksheet – In pairs draw and colour a picture taken from a photograph, as Father and Won Pil Kim did. Answer questions on the worksheet.
* Talk about the prayer points from last week

Praying about these things is to be a good disciple
10 Prayer Points
1) To understand God’s heart
2) that Father can fulfill his mission and The Kingdom of Heaven can be built on earth
3) that True Parents can be safe, have good health and live a long life
4) my parents- that they can be happy, healthy, safe
5) to be good son/daughter to my parents
6) for the happiness of my brothers and sisters
7) to be a good brother or sister
8) Say sorry for anything I did wrong
9) Ask God to help me each day
10) To think and feel and do as God would

* Review Unit 6

Have a quiz about the 5 stories in unit 6


5) Review the lesson
Ask the children what we can learn from this story about being a good disciple


6) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja