Aim to understand how God prepared one spiritual group to receive the Messiah

* To understand how God prepared one spiritual group to receive the Messiah
* To learn new information about Jesus’ life

* The Inside Belly Church, by Chris Garcia (A Cloud Of Witnesses -part 1)
*Visual Aids
– Map of Korea
– large picture Jesus
– Buying cloth in the market place
– Sewing clothes
* Children’s worksheet
* memory cards


Lesson Outline
1. Review the previous story
2. Tell the story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet, memory game
5. Review the lesson
6. Prayer

1) Review the previous story
Father Goes to Pyongyang- Father worked hard for over 2 years in southern Korea, but he could not find even one person who would be his disciple. He decided to go north to Pyongyang, and started teaching the new truth. Many people there were very interested, including his first full-time disciple, Won Pil Kim. But after 2 months, the police became suspicious that he was a spy and put him in prison.

1. What was the name of Kim Baek-moon’s church? – The Israel Jesus Church
2. Why did Father go to Pyongyang? – Kim Baek-moon failed to understand who Father was. 
3. God told Father to go to Pyongyang, where he would find many prepared people
4. What happened to people who heard Father’s speeches? – They felt very happy and forgot their problems. They prayed, cried and danced and made a lot of noise.
5. Why was father put in prison? They thought he was a spy from the south.

2) Tell the story
This story also takes place in Pyongyang in 1946. It is about another prepared church that received revelations from God, called The Inside Belly Church. Do you know why it was called that? 
A summary – In 1946, many Christian groups were expecting the Messiah to come to Korea. One group was The Inside Belly Church. Mrs. Ho Ho Bin, the church’s leader, received revelations from Jesus and her belly stated shaking. It was a sign that the new Messiah would be born on earth through a woman. Jesus explained new details about his life. For example, he never had good clothes or enough food to eat, even on his birthday. Because of this the members started making clothes for Jesus and the new messiah.

Some extra information about the church
* The Inside Belly Church was first called the Holy Lord Order, led by a Mrs. Kim. When she died, Mrs Ho became the new leader.
* The korean name for the church is ‘Bokjung-Kyo’ (literally it means ‘inside the belly’)
* There were about 1,000 members altogether in different cities and about 300 in Pyongyang.
* The members were told to make food and clothes fit for a prince for Jesus, because he had suffered during his life. The same was to be made for the new messiah. They did this for 7 years.
* They made 3 korean clothes and three Western suits each week
* They should never haggle over the price of food or cloth, which was the normal thing to do in Korea.
* They had to bow 300 times each day to Jesus
* Mrs. Ho prophesied many specific things which came true. For example, that Japan would surrender on 16th August 1945. As a result, the members had great faith in her.

3) Discussion
1) Where and When does the story take place?
– Pyongyang, August 1946
2) What is the name of the name of the church in Korean?
– ‘Bokjung-Kyo’
3) What was special about Mrs. Ho? – She received revelations from Jesus and her belly started shaking.
4) What did the church believe?
– A new messiah would be born as a baby in Korea and grow up as a man.
– He was already on the earth and Mrs Ho would soon meet him in prison
5) What unusual things did the church members do?
– Over 100 people made the best clothes and food everyday for Jesus and the new messiah
– They never argued over the price of cloth, so people overcharged them
– They bowed 300 times a day to welcome the new Messiah
6) Why did they do these unusual things?
– Jesus said they should do this, because he never had good clothes or enough food. As the Messiah he should have been treated like a prince. To restore this and take away his suffering, they were asked to make this condition. It was also to welcome the new messiah, to treat him as a true prince of God. 
7) Why did some people think they were crazy?
– They never argued over the price and were overcharged
– They believed a new messiah would be born as a baby on earth, unlike most Christians who believe Jesus himself will return.
– Day after day they made clothes and prepared meals for someone who wasn’t there.
– They made alot of noise 

4) Activities
* Children colour the pictures and answer the questions
* Play the memory game to reinforce the story and learn some korean words memory cards
1. Chun-man-ayo – you talk too much (du pratar för mycket)
2. Bokjung-Kyo – in-the-Belly Church (Inne i magen-kyrkan)
3. Sugo-ha-sayo – you’re working hard (du arbetar hårt)
4. omma – mother (mamma)
5. Kyo hey jun-nim – church leader (kyrkledare)
6. Huh Ho-bin
7. Jesus 1
8. Jesus 2
9. korean clothes
10. western clothing

5) Review the lesson
Discuss with the children what can we learn from this story? Conclude by talking about two key points from the lesson
a) To understand how God prepared one spiritual group to receive the Messiah
* God gave continuous revelations to Mrs. Ho, which developed great faith amongs the members
* Her shaking belly showed how the second coming would take place
b) To learn new information about Jesus’ life
* He didn’t have an easy life. He suffered because he wasn’t treated in the way he should have been. 
Making the best clothes and food for him, showed him alot of love, which he didn’t receive when he was on earth

6) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja