Aim to understand that Korea is the chosen nation, prepared by God to receive the Messiah

* To understand that Korea is the chosen nation, prepared by God to receive the Messiah
* To understand that when chosen people failed, Father had to go a more difficult path to restore the failure

* Father Goes to Pyongyang, by Ken Weber & Linna Rapkins
* Visual Aids
– Map of Korea
– A street in Pyongyang
– Kim Il Sung
– Won Pil Kim
– Kim baek-moon
* Children’s worksheet
* scissors and glue


Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Tell the story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – worksheet
5. Review the lesson
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
a)Show map of Korea to explain key points in Father’s life
– Born in Sangsa-ri, North Korea (1920)
– Jesus appeared to Father and asked him to take on his mission (1936)
– Studied electrical engineering in Japan (1941-43)
– After 9 years of preparation, he was ready to teach the new truth (1945)

b)Explain about Korea from 1945 to 1946
* Korea was liberated after 40 years of Japanese occupation
* Soviet communist soldiers occupied the north, and US troops the south.
* Kim Il-sung became North Korea’s communist leader in 1946 (Show his pictur)
* Refugees flooded south, to get away from communist control

c) What happened before Father went to Pyongyang
– In 1945 Father was looking for Christian groups in Seoul who would accept his new teaching.
– The Israel Jesus Church was one prepared group, whose leader, Kim Baek-moon, received many revelations. (Show his picture)He taught that Korea was the Israel of modern times, where the second coming of Christ would take place. God told Kim that he had the mission to spread the new teaching throughout the world

Father started attending the church. Members noticed that he prayed alot, knew the Bible very well and asked Kim many deep questions. Kim also noticed this and told his followers that Father had great spiritual wisdom. One day Kim placed his hand on Father’s head in blessing and said the wisdom of King Solomon was with him. Despite this, Kim failed to understand who Father really was and was not open in his heart to receive Father’s message.

One day God told Father he must go north to Pyongyang, where he would find many prepared people. This was known as the Jerusalem of the East, because it was alive with inspired Christians.
(Show the picture)

2) Tell the story
A summary – Father worked hard for over 2 years in southern Korea, but he could not find even one person who would be his disciple. He decided to go north to Pyongyang. Many people there were very interested, including his first full-time disciple, Won Pil Kim. But after 2 months, the police became suspicious and put him in prison for being a spy. 

Extra information about the story
Father stayed at the home of Jesus church members in Pyongyang. From there he held regular Sunday services and started teaching the new truth. One lady who came, Kim In-ju, received dreams  and visions that told her Father was the second coming of Christ. She later brought her 18 year old nephew, Won Pil Kim, who was to become the first full-time disciple of Father. (Show the picture) 

3) Discuss the Story
1) What was the name of the church father visited in Seoul? The Israel Jesus church
2) Who was Kim Baek-moon? the leader of the church
3) What was special about the church? They received revelations that the second coming of Christ would take place in Korea. 
4) Why did Father go north? Kim Baek-moon failed to understand who father was. God told father to go to Pyongyang, where he would find many prepared people
5) Why did many people want to go south? To get away from the communists
6) How did Kim In-ju know father was the messiah? God told her through dreams and visions
7) Who was father’s first full-time disciple? Won Pil Kim
8) What happened to people when they went to father’s church service? They felt very happy and forgot their problems. They prayed, cried and dancecd and made alot of noise.
9) Why was Father reported to the police. The church meetings made lots of noise. Women members became more interested in visiting Father, than being with their husbands and the husbands became jealous.
10) Why was Father put in prison. He had no identification papers and they thought he was a spy from the south.

4) Activities
* Ask the children to cut the pictures, stick them in the boxes and label them
* Answer the questions


5) Review the lesson
Discuss with the children what can we learn from this story? Conclude by talking about two key points from the lesson
a) Korea is the chosen nation, prepared by God to receive the Messiah
Many Christian received revelations that Christ would appear in Korea
b) When chosen people failed, Father had to go a more difficult path to restore the failure
North Korea was taken over by the communists, who persecuted Christians. It was dangerous to go to Pyongyang. He couldn’t work freely and was put in prison

6) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja