Aim to understand the meaning of the 40-day walking condition

* To understand the meaning of the 40-day walking condition
* To learn the importance of making a pure offering

* Story – “Marching On Heavenly Soldiers” by Linna Rapkins
* Visual Aids
– Holy Song – “Song of the Heavenly Soldiers”
– Map of Korea
– Pictures of early members marching
* Children’s worksheet
* Unit 8 memory cards


Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Tell the story
3. Key points for Discussion
4. Relate story to children’s Lives
5. Activities – worksheet, memory game, singing
6. Review the lesson aims
7. Prayer


1) Introduction
Remind the children about all the stories in Unit 8. In each one the members made indemnity conditions. An indemnity condition is an offering to God. When we sacrifice and give our 100% effort, God can accept the condition and spirit world can give us the support we need. Because the members had this attitude, the church grew rapidly.

In each story what conditions were made?
30. The Unification Church Begins
Condition – Members prayed, witnessed and taught the Principle. When guests didn’t come, Father asked Mr. Eu to teach the spirit world everyday, as a condition to bring new people. After much sacrifice and hard work, the tiny church began to grow.

31. Ehwa Women’s University
Condition – Members continued to pray, witness and teach, while persecution grew. At first over 100 students joined, but many left because of the persecution. The few that remained were very strong members, including 5 university professors. Keeping faith during persecution is an indemnity condition that will eventually bring God’s blessing.

32. In Prison Again
Condition – Father was unjustly put in prison, but he never complained or accused those who put him in prison. He prayed and trusted in God. To suffer in silence and pray for those who accuse  you, is itself is an indemnity condition. When he was released, the members had saved enough money buy their own church building. Indemnity was paid and God blessed them.

33 &34. The First 40-Day Condition
Condition – Members went to Korean villages to teach, serve and suffer with the people. At first the villagers were suspicious, but later opened up their hearts and accepted their guests . The power of love and service overcame people’s fears and changed their false ideas about the church.

From 1957 onwards members did many 40 days conditions. These conditions done with a pure and willing heart helped the church to grow rapidly. Today’s story is about a new kind of 40-day condition.

2) Tell the Story
Summary – In 1963, Father chose 120 members to do a special condition. They walked 360 miles in 40 days. Through this they could understand God’s suffering and comfort His heart.
The Israelites complained when they left Egypt. Instead,this group sang and marched with joyful hearts, which restored the Israelites failure.

3) Key Points for Discussion
1. 360 miles is about 580 km
2. They had travelled two-thirds of the way (240 miles/385 km) when they reached Taijun
3. There was a 10 p.m curfew in all Korean cities. People had to stay indoors until morning.
4. One purpose of the condition was to restore the failure of the Israelites. What are the parallels between this condition and the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years?

What was the same? What was different?
– Because the Israelites complained the condition was invaded by Satan and the time of indemnity was extended from 40 days to 40 years. The Unification Church members, however, walked joyfully for 40 days. They offered the condition with a pure heart. This attitude restored the failure of the Israelites. As the chosen people, they had to restore this failure. If they had complained the condition would have been lost. When we do a condition it has to be done with a pure heart for God to accept it. 

5. Another purpose of the condition was to understand God’s suffering and comfort His heart. This is a difficult concept for children to understand.


4) Relate story to Children’s Lives
When we have a job to do at home we should do it with a pure heart and not complain.
Examples: making your bed, washing dishes, going to bed early, tidying your room, doing homework. Learning to do difficult things with a pure heart is God’s way and will bring us closer to God. We will feel His love. When we have this attitude God will bless us.

5) Activities
* Write a summary of the story
* Colour the picture
* Sing ”Song of the Heavenly Soldiers”
* Play the memory game using pictures and words from all unit 8 stories.


6) Review the lesson aims
* To understand the meaning of the 40-day walking condition
to restore the failure of the Israelites and comfort God’s suffering heart
* To learn the importance of making a pure offering.
We should persevere when things are difficult and not complain


7) End with a prayer

sixth gradeManish Saluja